Automated ​Vape Cartridge Capping Machine - 710Captain

Automated ​Vape Cartridge Capping Machine - 710Captain

The 710Captain Vape Cartridge Capping Machine will increase your productivity even more by capping 100 carts in less than 30 Seconds. No more manually screwing on caps and wasting time on manual tasks! Works with CCELL compression cartridges.


  • Caps 100 compression cartridges in less than 30 seconds
  • CCELL capping capabilities
  • No calibration required, plug & play
  • Built-in air compressor
  • 2-step press process to properly align and lock mouthpieces in place
  • Employs UL and Canadian UL Listed Industrial Control Panels E479010
  • 110VAC/15A
  • FLA: 11A
  • Weight: 275lbs - Shipping Weight: 325lbs
  • Footprint dimensions: 76” X 26” x 24.25” ( H x D x W)
  • Packaging Dimensions (Palletized): 40 x 48 x 75

    A cutsom LTL Quote will be provided for shipping to your designated address. 


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