Haskel EXT420-2 Extraction Pump - Switchable Single Stage & Dual Stage

Haskel EXT420-2 Extraction Pump - Switchable Single Stage & Dual Stage

EXT420 high-pressure, poisitive-displacement piston pumps are safe, proven, reliable, and energy saving butane/ propance extraction pumps. The high-pressure pumps offser the flexiility to speed completely variable from zeo to maximum lbs/minute. No need for unloaders or bypass valves, simply add gauges and hoses to suit your application.


Designed for extraction of essential botanical oils.


Features & Benefits

  • Safe for handling propane and butane (Vent port must be connected to an exchause line that vents leaked gas outdoors)
  • Viton and PTFE seals
  • Stainless steel and aluminum wetted components
  • Stall aganst load - start against load - or run dry
  • Requires compressed air to drive the pump - approximately 25 CFM at 90 psi (6 bar) to run the pump at maximum speed (about e60 cycles per minute)
  • Clean - No lubrication required in the gas section. Nothing is added to the gas.


EXT420-2 Specifications

  • Switchable between single and two-stage mode by turning a valve
  • Using single stage mode for most of the transfer - when the inlet pressure starts to drop - switch to two-stage mode to pull vauum as your process requires
  • In single stage mode - the pump has identical performance to EXT420 
  • Two stage mode allws the pump to draw vacuum down to 23 in Hg. 



Proper operation of the Haskel EXT420 pumps will require the following additional equiptment:

  • Compressed air source capable of providing approximately 25 CFM of air at 90 psi (6.2 bar) or higher away from the LPG gasses)
  • Compressed air filtering to 40 microns or bette
  • Drive air pressure regulator - Normally set between 25-40 psi
  • Drive air speed control valve - such as a gate valve or a glove valve (not a ball valve)

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