Purpl Scientific Purpl PRO Potency Measurement System

Purpl Scientific Purpl PRO Potency Measurement System

Instant Harvest Testing With The Purpl Pro Potency Kit

Gone are the days of guessing, assuming, or wondering when it comes to potency.


The Purpl Pro Potency Kit is a groundbreaking device to help commercial growers test the potency of their flower from the field or facility. This is essentially a lab in your pocket, which is crazy accurate, user-friendly, and cost-effective. You connect it to your mobile device, and have a state-of-the-art potency measurement system. On top of being accurate, you can see your results instantly rather than waiting for a lab to get back to you!


Features & Benefits Of The Purpl PRO Potency Measurement System

A Cost-Effective Investment

There is no need to worry about financing with the Purpl Pro, as it's an investment just about every commercial grower can afford. It will pay for itself rapidly by cutting back on your need for expensive, frustrating labs. Purpl Scientific is all about helping the industry evolve, and bringing transparency and quality to the forefront. With this goal in mind, they did everything in their power to keep prices low and make this unit as accessible as possible.


Simple & User-Friendly

You can get an immediate analysis of the potency of your sample right from your smartphone. This device allows you a complete picture of both the essential compounds you need to test for, and it makes getting price information simple.

Accurate, Reliable Data

With the Purpl Scientific Purpl PRO Potency Measurement System, you can test as many samples as you want and get immediate potency results. Whether you are a farm, dispensary, or fully integrated operation, this system will provide reliable data and help you improve quality and make informed decisions. Professional lab accuracy in the palm of your hand.


Whats Included:

  • Purpl Pro Bench
  • Purpl Pro Sample Holder
  • Purpl Pro Grinder
  • Carrying Case
  • USB Cable
  • Mobile App
  • Web Portal
  • Calibration Cartridge


Purpl PRO is the flagship product offering by Purpl Scientific, and the first affordable, accurate, portable potency measurement device for the industry. It is a combination of a "laboratory bench" device the size of a hockey puck and a mobile app that allows users to run the system through a smartphone

Purpl PRO utilizes near-infrared spectroscopy, which involves shinging light on the sample and analyzing the light that is returned. In this part of the light spectrum (just beyond the red light human eyes can see) molecules react to specific regions of the light to generate a "molecular fingerprint" that can be correlated with concentration. The Purpl PRO was calibrated against HPLC measurements from multiple state-certified testing laboratories.


Purpl PRO App works with:

  • Apple iOS version 11.0 and later
  • Android version 5.0 and later


Who can benefit from using the Purpl PRO Potency Measurement System?

No matter where your business falls on the supply chain, we are willing to bet there is a reason you need the Purpl PRO Potency Measurement System. Here are all the different parts of this industry that can benefit from it's use:



As a grower, there are all kinds of decisions you make throughout each growth cycle. But, one thing is sure: your goal is to produce top shelf, consistent product to achieve the highest profit. Modern farming uses more analytics and data than ever before, and you should embrace this technology too.

The Purpl PRO Potency Measurement System is based on the same technology used in agriculture and pharmaceuticals to provide instant chemical information that you can use to improve and optimize your grow. You can get immediate potency testing of your dried flower, and soon, this technology will work with flower still growing on the plant!

Perhaps you want to measure potency from flower on different parts of the same plants to optimize your lighting setup. Or, maybe you want to see which area of your field or grow room produces the most potent flower, and then you can drill down on why that is. There are likely plenty of other reasons you may want this device, so what are you waiting for?



If you are a distributor, your job is to connect growers to retail dispensaries, with a goal of achieving the most consistent product and the lowest pricing. This will help you attract more business, and build up a reputation as being a distributor people want to work with.

While flower does come with lab testing on the crop, there is sure to be variation on each batch bought or sold. The Purpl PRO Potency Measurement System helps you achieve transparency on both sides of the transaction, using technology farmers and scientists have implemented for years. Now, you can instantly verify the potency of a batch, maximizing your negotiating power and helping you make more informed decisions.


Manufacturers & Extractors

Whether you are producing edibles or extracts, you need instant access to potency and composition of the flower you use as your base product. Purpl PRO Potency Measurement System does just this, and while lab tests are still going to be necessary before you send your product to market, it can help cut costs with the unnecessary testing.

When it comes to extraction, the compounds are stripped away from plant matter to create the purified wax and oil. And with variables such as incoming trim feedstock, pressure, temperatures, and more, it's important to have access to this instant data so you can hone in your process.

Soon, the Purpl Scientific Purpl PRO Potency Measurement System will allow for the testing of extracts in the same manner it tests flower. This means you can produce an accurate, consistent final product, time and time again.



Dispensaries are the final piece of the puzzle to connect growers and customers. They source product from distributors or cultivators for sale to their customers. The goal is a customer base that comes back time and time again, which hinges on consistent, quality products.

Lab tests provide a general idea of the crop, but like with any natural product there’s a lot of variation from flower to flower, plant to plant. Purpl Pro allows dispensaries to instantly test potency in flowers, and soon in extracts. That means knowing exactly what is being purchased, to negotiate the best pricing with suppliers. And customers will have the ability to measure exactly what they’re buying, so they know exactly what to expect.



As a consumer, you want to know what you’re ingesting. Maybe it’s the maximum effect of a highly concentrated strain you’re after. Or perhaps you want to ensure there’s nothing in your CBD. Knowing the exact potency is key to appropriate dosing. Even when you see the lab-tested potency for the product you bought, the results were determined from another flower or plant, and as natural product, each plant and even flower has a lot of variation. Purpl PRO has transformed the technology used for decades by big agriculture, into an affordable, easy-to-use device that lets you test exactly what you’ve got, so there’s no more worrying what to expect.

  • Purpl PRO Potency Measurement System Specification


    What is Measured Potency
    Moisture (upcoming)
    water activity (upcoming)
    Technology NIR
    Portability Handheld
    Dimensions 3.125" x 3.125" x 1.125"
    Weight 0.35 lbs
    Accuracy +/- 1.89%; +/- 0.96%
    Min. Detection Threshold >= 2.0%
    Max. Detection Threshold 30%, 15%
    Sample Preparation Grinding
    Time / Test 5 seconds