Welch Wob-L Pressure/Vacuum Dry Pump, 115V 60Hz 1Ph

Welch Wob-L Pressure/Vacuum Dry Pump, 115V 60Hz 1Ph

SKU: 2522B-01

Welch, 2522B-01, Wob-L 22 l/min 1 Phase Pressure/Vacuum Dry Pump with North American Plug, 115V- 60Hz

Wob-L 22 l/min 1 Phase Pressure/Vacuum Dry Pump with North American Plug, 115V- 60Hz

Reliable Wob-L Piston pumps are perfect for many common laboratory vacuum applications. Features: Vacuum and Pressure - to 100 Torr (26"Hg). Includes Vacuum and Pressure Regulators and Gauges - simple to adjust and monitor vacuum level and delivery pressure. Inlet Water Trap - float ball rises to seal off pump from accidental ingestion of water. Muffler quiets pump and filters discharge air. For use with dry or aqueous vapor applications only.


  • Economical
  • Oil Free
  • Adjustable Vacuum / Pressure


  • Replace Water Aspirator
  • Vacuum Filtration


Applications Filtration (1 to 2 funnels), Aspiration, Desiccation, SPE, Replace water aspirator, Vacuum Drying
Type Laboratory Vacuum Pump
Free Air Displacement cfm (l/min.) @60Hz 0.76 (22)
Ultimate Pressure 100 (133)
Max imum Vacuum 26
Max Pressure PSIG (pascal) 100 (106)
Motor Horsepower (watts) 1/8 (93)
Adjustable Vac. / Gas Ballast Yes
Tubing Needed 3/16 (5)
Intake Thread NPT 1/4
Overall Dimensions L x W x H in. (cm) 8.1 x 8.8 x 10 (20.6 x 22.4 x 25.4)
Ship Weight 17 (7.7)
Shipping Carton Dimensions L x W x H in. (cm) 15.3 x 12.3 x 12.7 (39 x 31 x 32)
Intake Catch Jar Yes
E x haust Catch Jar Yes
Adjustable Vacuum Knob
Adjustable Pressure Yes
Vacuum Gauge Dial
Pressure Gauge Dial


Welch 2522B-01 is a combined vacuum and pressure pump, ideally suited for a variety of laboratory uses. The architecture that partially merges of two types of pumps, as well as a set of specific characteristics, makes this device strongly stand out among the competitors, providing superior efficiency at a reasonable price. Welch 2522B-01 Wob-L possesses characteristics that make it a valuable addition to any set of lab equipment. It is able to reach high values of vacuum & positive displacement pressure (100 Torr and 100 PSIG respectively). Two regulation controllers with two respective gages allow the operator to precisely adjust pressure settings to the required value. The pumping speed reaches 22 liters per minute (0.76 cubic feet per minute).

The operational concept is rather simple: the pump moves the gas from the vacuum intake to create the pressure at positive displacement outlet Special aspects of this device include an oil-free vacuum diaphragm. Another important feature is a moisture-collecting trap, which prevents any liquid from unintentionally being sucked into the gadget. Welch 2522B-01 is designed to function in conditions of high humidity. All internal non-stainless steel parts are covered with a corrosion-resistant solution to ensure maximum performance. Manufactured to meet all possible requirements, this pump provides superior functionality at a great price, becoming the absolute solution for lab vacuum applications.